Take Control

If there were no electricity, natural gas, and gasoline available in your community for a week or two, how would you and your family fare?  What if the conditions existed over a larger region, keeping food and other vital supplies from being restocked on store shelves?

To see how delicate our society and infrastructure are today, one just has to look at the after effects of Hurricane Sandy in the northeast United States in the fall of 2012.

Two weeks after the storm, over 500,000 homes were still without power.  Gasoline lines were hours long and local New York City officials implemented gasoline rationing for the limited fuel supplies.

Home robberies and looting were common place, and hundreds of thousands of people choose to stay in their homes without power and heat for weeks in order to fend off looters.

Were state, local and federal agencies staged and ready to assist after the hurricane?  Absolutely.  The problem was that the disaster was just too big and too many people were not prepared to take care of themselves.

Disasters will continue to happen.  They always have, and they always will.  Do not allow you and your family to make the same mistake that many of those in the path of Hurricane Sandy did.  Prepare now in order to withstand and endure a disaster, whether it is a hurricane, tsunami, wildfire, flood or any other disaster type.

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