Select The Best Products

Prepping is the process of putting yourself in a position of control, enabling you to take care of yourself and your family should a disaster occur that disrupts society and your normal way of life.  To truly be in control, you have to have the proper tools, supplies and equipment for the job, and this site will help ensure that you have the right items should a disaster strike.

There are many prepper lists available from a wide variety of sources.  Yes, we have one available here on Best Prepper too.

All of the lists include a flashlight, food, water, and many, many other items – but they do not tell you which brand or model will be the best choice.

When I first started prepping, the uncertainty of not confidently knowing “Which one?” slowed my preparation efforts down.  When I started seriously shopping for survival supplies, I quickly discovered just how many different choices for each item there were, and each item had its own array of features, sizes, options and price points.

  • Which water filter will best ensure my family has clean water to drink – that also tastes good.  (Some filters will clean the water but do not restore the taste)
  • Should I get the $13 dollar headlamp or the $190 one?
  • There are four different sleeping bag sizes, four different styles, two different shapes and varying temperature ratings.  Which one should I get?  (and that’s from one manufacturer!)

My first priority was to select products that will do the job and outlast the disaster.  The last thing I wanted to do was buy one and have it break when I most needed it.  After all, if it breaks during a disaster, it’s not like the local outdoor recreation store will be open to buy another one.

My second priority was to ensure that I did not pay too much for an item when it was not necessary.  I believe that you get what you pay for, but I also believe you can buy an item that is “too good” for the job.  It’s a balance.

This site is the result of my own frustrations and countless hours spent trying to select the best products.  I wanted to simplify and streamline the process for you and other preppers building your preparations, and this site was created to help do that.

If you are ready to start prepping or have already started and just want a more simplified process for building your preparations, you have come to the right place.  Click here to get started.