When a disaster strikes, the likelihood of an unsafe environment after the disaster is almost 100%.

Whether the hazards be splinters, nails, downed power lines, gas leaks or looters, it is important to stay safe, because in most cases, more injuries occur after a disaster than during.


Walk cautiously because damaged buildings and wind-blown debris will certainly have exposed nails, screws, jagged edges and splinters that can cause injury.  Traversing obstacles and uneven surfaces can also be hazardous.  Getting a nail through your foot, twisting your ankle or cutting your skin is highly probable unless much care is used navigating the debris.

We recommend a good pair of properly fitting hiking boots.

These light-weight boots are specifically designed for hiking or trail-running on uneven terrain, and they have a GORE-TEX® water-proof liner that will keep your feet dry in wet conditions.  They are mid-height to provide ankle support and prevent ankle injuries.  The upper portion of the boots is made of leather and textile fabric that allows your feet to breathe and reduce foot moisture.

While an exposed nail in building debris can still penetrate the sole if the nail is stepped on, the rugged sole will provide some resistance that can, hopefully, allow you to react before the nail penetrates the bottom of your foot.


Another key piece of safety gear is a pair of work gloves.  When handling wood, jagged debris or sharp objects, a pair of gloves is welcome.  Each member of your family who is a teenager or older should have his or her own pair.

Click here for the gloves we recommend.


In almost every disaster, looters surface and attempt to take from others at their weakest.  We all want to protect our family and defend our property from this type of low-life scum.  To do that most effectively, you will need a weapon.  Our preference is a firearm.

Which type of firearm?  We actually recommend three.  Since you probably cannot afford to buy all three at once, here is the priority list:

  1.  .22 Rifle – The versatile .22 rifle can be used as a defensive weapon as well as for hunting small game for food in a survival situation.  Our recommendation has a stainless steel barrel and receiver, making it suitable for a variety of weather conditions.  Click here to see our choice for a .22 rifle.
  2. 12 Gauge Shotgun – We recommend what has become the best-selling tactical shotgun of any type – in history.  Its versatility, reliability, dependability and uncompromising quality make our choice something you cannot afford to be without.  Click here to see our choice for a 12 gauge shotgun.
  3. .40 S&W Pistol – Our choice for a pistol is one of the most reliable in the world.  Its ammunition is readily available and affordable and has the lethal power to stop an intruder should the need arise.  Click here to see our choice for a .40 S&W pistol.


When the sun goes down, your family will still need to be able to see, and a flashlight is an important item to have.

Stumbling around in the dark isn’t safe, and you don’t want to have someone or something sneak up on you in the dark without you being able to see it first.

We recommend a light weight, durable LED flashlight for each member of your family. There is comfort in knowing that you have control over your own light source and don’t have to share – especially for kids.

To see the flashlight we have in our bug-out bag, click here.


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