Financial / Government Collapse

For the past several years, many countries are struggling economically and financially.

In the European Union, a few countries are putting a tremendous financial burden on the rest of the EU countries.  In the United States, a multi-year stalemate between the President and both Houses of Congress have caused unprecedented borrowing and the first ever down-grade of U.S. Treasuries.  Neither of these situations appears to be changing any time soon because no significant steps for change have taken place.

We have already seen some of the effects of financial or government instability in recent years.  Greece is an excellent example.  Protests, violence in the streets, clash with government authorities have all occurred.  Only additional monies from financially stronger EU countries have tempered the chaos; but the money cannot continue to be shared without some deep cuts in government spending – changes which will be significant and very unpopular with the citizens impacted.

The downside of financial instability is high. Rapid inflation will lead to currencies having less value and the price of food and supplies skyrocketing.  High unemployment rates lead to desperation by those seeking to provide for their families.  Desperation leads to higher crime, wide spread violence and a disruption in the flow of food and supplies needed to sustain society as we know it.

If gone unchecked, economic instability can turn bad fast, and no amount of police or government assistance can control an out-of-control citizenry without having a lot of damage before order is regained.

As the U.S. saw with Hurricane Sandy hitting the Northeast in late 2012, no amount of local or national assistance can prevent long-term power outages, fuel shortages and people suffering.  Two weeks after the storm, there were still over 500,000 homes without electricity, a luxury taken for granted by U.S. citizens.

In a time of financial or governmental collapse, the only way to ensure you and your family do not suffer unnecessarily is to prepare in advance.  Your preparations should begin with building your bug-out bag.

Because of the sheer scale of a financial or government collapse, additional preparations beyond a bug-out bag will be needed, but your bag is an excellent start.  The good part is that everything in your bug-out bag can be used, regardless, so there is no “wasted” effort with building one.

Once your bug-out bag is built, the other steps you take to prepare will just put you and your family in a stronger position to withstand a collapse.

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